We can now welcome you on two separate sites, in order to offer you our services. The first site is in Trégunc by the ria of Minaouët , the second Belon Marine Loisirs, is in Moelan-Sur-Mer. On these two sites we have different infrastructures and tools available to meet all your needs (handling, maintenance, mechanics, refit of boats, wood or composite repairs, sale of new and used sailboats, engines, and motor boats, etc. Whether you are a professional or an individual, our teams are waiting for you.



The objective of adding or modifying a bulb on a boat fishing, is to rebalance the trim of the boat, to gain stability and bring them up to standard, by modifying the shape of its bow. The boat is therefore balanced even under load. We make bulbs in sandwich materials (composite), which is one of the site's specialties. Each bulb is studied tailor-made by our partner the architectural firm naval; COPREXMA.


The bilges modify the hull of the boat and turn out to be a real advantage once at sea. They limit the roll of the boat and thus allow the crew to work in better conditions. Studied upstream by our partner; COPREXMA (design office) the chines are made to measure for each type of hull. And just like the bulbs they are made of sandwich materials, and make the boat more stable and allow upgrading to standards.


Thanks to our equipment we can realize all types from painting work, to full painting. We can offer you a new hull paint or realize the existing one identically. We also carry out underwater treatments; osmosis or prevention.


Our experience with fishing professionals helps us allows to offer the installation of sounders in order to improve the connections on the composite hulls. Thanks to our know-how we have designed tools that allow us to make composite tubes up to 3m. A tube that allows a perfectly sealed connection between the depth sounder and the hull Of the boat.


A complete renovation of a fishing boat is often necessary when buying an old boat or when becomes necessary to improve working conditions on board. It is also a way to increase the profitability of its activity. A complete renovation can include; the addition storage area (livewells, cooler) installation of a bridge cover, modification of hull, painting, repair of brion, plating, change of wheelhouse, modification of bulwarks on the front ...


  • 2 Manitou
  • 1 Tractor
  • 2 Quick lev (5T and 10T)
  • 2 Pick up


  • 4 Wintering halls
  • 3 full wintering lands
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Show room
  • Shop