Django 9.80

Maree Haute Django 9.80

Shipyard Marée Haute, Django builder!

New Django 980
Length HT : 10m
Hull length : 9.80m
Width : 3.60m
Draft :
Keelboat: 2m
Twin keel: 1.60m
Lifting keel : 1.10/2.40m

Equipped boat, ready to sail, delivered to the sea in Concarneau or anywhere else.

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Shipyard Marée Haute
29910 Trégunc
Switchboard : 02 98 56 56 03
Commercial service : 06 59 16 17 09

«. Boat stability : It’s what impress me at most ! during navigation, the twinkeel together with the hull design gives an incredible stabibility; no yawing, no rolling shot. this facilitates mouvement on board and gives confidence to the less experienced crew. At anchor, the boat moves very little unlike a standard keelboat. It almost feels like a catamaran ! Safety: this gain in stability during navigation and at anchor is an asset in terms of stability. Especially during offshore sailing in rough sea with unexperienced crew. Performance and behavior in the breeze : at sailing trims between full & by and free large, the boat is more efficient than some real racing boat of the same size. Reduced draft: to enter in port with threshold, the draft of the D980 twinkeel is an advantage. Possible running on shore : it allows you to think outside the box by offering desert anchorages and fleeing marinas ! it also eliminates the need of a cradle for boat landing.
François Jambou, skipper and namer (christener) of Django 9.80



Throughout your project we guarantee you a real follow up since the Django are manufactured and assembled in our workshop in Trégunc. The whole Django series are made of fiberglass injection . This process guarantees extremely light boats with good finishing touches and a steadiness in production process. At least, your boat is assembled and fitted out according to the specification draw up in collaboration with our teams.


The interior of Django is simple, functional and easy-going. To customize your boat, we keep at your disposal a preselected quality range of fabric and woodwork. You can create your own interior design!


The hull design is distinguishable by its evolutive bilge strake. This design gives the best compromise at all sailing trims while maintaining enough volume for comfort. It gives efficient cruiser units! The deck arrangement is ergonomically designed for easy and practical ship handling. Deck concept is “open and clear” for efficient sailing.


Most of the Django can be configurate in Keelboat Twinkeel or Lifting keel. Twinkeel are very popular as it allows easy and secure beachings while keeping good sailing performances.


You sail alone or with a small crew? Django is what you need! All is done for easy sailing alone or in pairs. All ship handling can be done from the cockpit.

Manufacturer Maree Haute
Model Django 9.80
Category Bilge Keel, Fixed Keel, Lifting Keel
State new
Motor number 1
Power 20ch
Motor Yanmar
Energy diesel
Propopeller Inboard > Sail Drive
Lenght 9.8m
Width 3.6m
Cabin number 2
Bed number 6
Bathroom number 1
Visibility Tregunc