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Django 7.70


" Fantastic versatility !"

A keelboat very fun, always ready for surfing downwind, tacking upwind, or mooring in calm bays. The Django 7.70 is an incredible versatile toy.


Designed as a cruising boat, the Django 7.70 makes no concession in its concept: very good cruising capacity with no compromise on the performances.


The latest building technologies allow to combine resistance, lightness and ergonomy.

The stern, the cockpit, the deck layout have been designed to securise the navigation and facilitate the comfort of the crew.


Its equipements makes the boat very manoeuvrable and handy. 


The Django 7.70 takes advantages of the latest architectural concepts resulting in a remarquable and beautiful shape. This boat shows a typical modern racer outline. 


All the conception and design parameters are based on very strong performance constraints. The hull shape push the floating length as its maximum, bringing lot of speed to the boat.
The inside layout takes advantage of the modern shape of the hull and deck to propose an incredible volume, offering a livability absolutely unequivalent for this size of boat. It includes a raised saloon allowing a wide view from port side to starboard side from a seat position.
The Django 7.70 has been designed to fulfil the needs of numerous types of sailors. The boat is proposed with three type of ballast, two of them allowing stranding (twin keel and lifting keel).

Three versions:

Single keel, Twin keel or Lifting keel.

Just make your choice!!



Length: 7.70 m
Width: 3.00 m

Headroom: 1.70 m


-Single keel: 1.60 m
-Twin keel: 1.20 m
-Lifting keel: 0.90/1.90 m

Weight (empty, no engine
) :

  • Twin keel: 1.650 t
  • Lifting keel: 1.500 t
  • Single keel: 1.500 t

Sails (standard version)

-Main : 25 m²

-Genoa: 20 m²

-Spinnaker : 55/70 m²


- Outboard 9,9CV (option)
- Inboard 14CV (option)

Rudders: 2 units


-Single keel: 600 Kg
-Twin keel: 780 Kg
-Lifting keel: 600 Kg

Navigation Category : B

Mast & Boom:

- aluminum standard

- carbon option

Spinnaker boom: 

- aluminium stantard

- carbon option

Design by Pierre Rolland Architecte
Building concept: chantier Marée Haute









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 You can get more information about the Django 7.70 by dowloading the product description here and the standard deliverable description there