A decade of commitment
to building your passion

  • 2003

    Serge Calvez built a mini-transat 6.50 prototype in strip-planking based on the drawings of Pierre Rolland. The idea of building a new series mini started to crystallize … But the economic realities, production constraints and performance objectives, led Serge Calvez, a furniture craftsman by trade, to adopt composites as the key construction material.

  • December 2003

    Launched at the Paris boat show in 2003, the Dingo 1 is a mini-transat 6.50 series boat and is the first boat by Marée Haute, the company having been founded in January 2004. The first Dingo 1 was on the water in June 2004 and achieved mini-transat series status in August 2005.

  • 2005 - 2007

    Marée Haute produced the Dingo 1 and built three 40 foot units for the Japanese market. Marée Haute also produced land-yachts in carbon/Kevlar, and in particular the 2007 world champion.

  • 2006

    Marée Haute introduced the Yaka 6.50 as a cruising off-shoot of the Dingo 1 at the La Rochelle boat show. This boat combines performance worthy of an offshore racer with the comfort of a sailing cruiser. In the Boat of the Year award ranking for 2007, the Yaka 6.50 achieved 3rd place. Ten units of this boat have been built.

  • Décembre 2007

    The D2, a mini-transat series boat was presented at the Paris Boat Show. The boat had a new chined hull designed by Pierre Rolland which brilliantly demonstrated its potential in its first races, in particular with a 2nd place on the first leg of the Les Sables – Azores race of 2008.

  • 2010

    The Django 7.70, a new design by Pierre Rolland, was launched. By winning the “Boat of the Year 2011” award, Marée Haute confirmed its ranking as a builder of modern fast cruising sailboats. The Jury was impressed by the interior volume and panoramic view, by the variety of sailing programs the boat can adapt to, as well as the seaworthiness and performance under sail. As of 2014, approximately 40 units are sailing in France, Europe, and even further beyond.

    Marée Haute began to produce as sub-contractor the hulls and decks for the “Pabouk”, a sailboat designed and assembled by Antoine Carmichaël.

  • Décembre 2012

    The Django 6.70, based on the hull design of the D2, was presented for the first time at the Paris Boat Show. This cruiser, which is based on an offshore racing design, offers truly incredible performance for its size and can adapt to coastal or offshore sailing programs thanks to its seaworthiness, interior comfort and ability to beach. The European journalists recognized this multi-talent by nominating the boat for the “European Yacht of the Year 2014” election. As of early 2014, 6 units have already been produced and are sailing in France, UK and Germany.

  • 2013

    In collaboration with the association of D2 owners, Marée Haute decided to offer an up-date of the D2 called the D2V2. This new version offers revised rig and hardware options in accordance with the series Mini Class rules and regulations. 13 units have been sailing since the summer of 2013.

    Marée Haute decided to take on new challenges and to offer a full range of cruising sailboats, from the Django 6.70 to the Django 12.70, with the renowned Django 7.70 and the newcomer Django 9.80 fitting in between.

  • 2014

    The first units of the Django 9.80 and Django 12.70 have been sold and Marée Haute has started the preparation of the molds for these sailing units. In 2014, Marée Haute will celebrate its 10 years of productions and 100th unit built.