Capture d’écran 2017-05-31 à 10.04.27

Eleven SF 18 on Lake Geneva

Capture d’écran 2017-05-31 à 09.48.09 Capture d’écran 2017-05-31 à 10.07.02 Capture d’écran 2017-05-31 à 10.17.06

98 boats including 11 SF 18 were gathered this week end to participate in the French Championship of light cruisers in Thonon les Bains.

In this wonderful area, the participants took advantage of the wind and the sun of Lake Geneva to validate 5 rounds during this championship!

Some very good races for the SF 18 which run with J70, first class 7.50, Esse 850, Melges 24, Longtze and many others!

An adventure full of unforeseen events for the crew of the shipyard and its SF18 who have traveled more than 2000 km for this championship!

Next event not to be missed: the Bol d’Or, which will take place from 16 to 18 June. Eight SF 18 will be on the starting line!

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